This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Glass Of Milk Every Day

Cow milk is believed to be one of the finest life-giving groceries. The half-truth is more dangerous than the conscious lie. Milk is a lifelong diet in the human diet that creates the most mucus. In life, this is the most common cause of colds, flu, bronchial problems, asthma, lung inflammation, tuberculosis, skin diseases and problems in the forehead.

Milk is a lifelong grocery intended for children from their birth to the point where the child’s muscles and whole body are developed enough to be able to receive natural life-giving groceries.

Cow’s milk was never destined for the human child! Cow milk is for calves!

Natural food for children is breast milk.

This milk contains all natural sugars, salts, amino acids, hormones, vitamins and elements that are needed by the body of the young child. One of the most important components in milk is the casein. It provides many amino acids that participate in the construction of protein molecules that build up the body of the child. Casein is found only in milk and eggs. Cow’s milk is much thicker than mother’s milk and contains more than 100% more casein than breast milk. Cow’s milk needs to increase the weight of the calf twice for a period of six to eight weeks, while the child needs six to seven months to double its weight. Also, cow’s milk builds the body of the calf so it can reach a weight of 450 to 900 kg. Which man or woman reaches a weight of 110 to 140 kilograms?

An important factor that also is overlooked is the content of phosphorus in milk. Phosphorus is an acid-producing element, and cow’s milk contains 50% more phosphorus than the mother’s milk. In addition, the relationship between phosphorus and sulfur is different in those two milk. The human body needs a lot of effort to digest the cow’s milk, and the consequence of this great effort, together with the high content of casein in cow milk, leads to the creation of large amounts of harmful mucus.

And raw, cow milk is very harmful. To paste the cow’s milk and to give it to the children and the sick, in my opinion, and experience is a great nonsense.

Pasteurization of milk

Pasteurization of milk began when milk became a big business. It was practically impossible to store large amounts of milk and dairy products, not to spoil. It is also impossible for them to be transported to large distances. That spoilage caused financial losses. The question of the nutritional value of milk and dairy products has replaced the issue of profits from them. Laws that prefer profits in terms of the nutritional value of life-giving groceries have been passed.

Unfortunately, political machinery is increasingly preferring the motive of profit in terms of ethics. When ethics would be given priority, then we would differently see the pasteurization of life-giving groceries and the destruction of the elements of life in our food. Therefore, there would be a need for new educational methods that go beyond the ability and understanding of today’s politicians.

It suffices to prove that pasteurization of milk does not represent the protection of human health, but only protects the milk from the sowing.

The claim that raw milk causes diseases, if not pasteurized, is an absolute untruth. Pasteurization does not destroy either typhoid bacteria or bacteria of tuberculosis.

In order to kill bacteria that cause diseases. It is necessary to boil the milk at a temperature between 90 and 110 degrees Celsius.

Eject cow milk from the diet

Children, at all ages, and adults, unconditionally come to incredible health improvements when cow milk is ejected from their diet. Children who became ill gradually became healthier and stronger when the milk was replaced with raw carrot juices and other fruits.

Adults suffering from asthma and other unpleasant conditions due to excessive mucus talk about excessive consumption of cow’s milk in their diet. If any doctor recommends the use of cow’s milk in the diet, it is a sure sign that he does not know the simple dietary laws. And he knows the main cause of the excessive mucus in the body.

Consumption of milk in adulthood

There is no individual in the animal world that uses milk in the diet after it stops breastfeeding. Only the man is so stupid that he does not realize that the milk is the cause of his many sufferings.

Nature provided the milk of each animal with all the necessary ingredients that are best suited for the growth of its offspring.

The fact that milk contains life when used as food after breastfeeding is not controversial. It is not disputed that in rare cases we see a certain body of goatskins, a dog from a mare, and the like. There are records that gorilla infused a child. However, these are rare cases in nature, but no ordinary things.

I always argued that the educational process should start in the kindergarten and be emphasized throughout the school years. With the study of human anatomy and the psychology of nutrition. It is necessary to properly understand life. Our life-giving groceries, and to understand the great significance of the life of raw fruits and raw vegetables. In the proper and healthy diet of the human body and the regeneration of its cells and tissues.

Furthermore, I hold the opinion that every woman before she becomes pregnant or as soon as she finds out that she is pregnant, she needs to take care of that problem in order to meet the problems that stand before her.

As for her diet, she now has a dual task. It must feed not only its own body. Therefore food must be taken properly and its waste removal processes should normally take place. But it must also have additional foods to carry out a normal and regular growth of the fruit in her womb.

A large amount of calcium

It is true that the milk contains a large amount of calcium. The element which is absolutely necessary. But the other elements in the milk are incompatible with the needs of the human body. And they practically destroy the benefits arising from a large amount of calcium in the milk. If milk is pasteurized, it is a sufficient reason to avoid it.

Pasteurized milk, which mothers drink during pregnancy, may be the underlying cause of tooth decay. If they consume little and do not consume raw life-giving groceries and raw vegetable juices.

In raw vegetables, raw salads and raw fruits are enough calcium. As well as all the other things that the mother and the unborn child need. But to get them in sufficient quantity, they have to complement fresh raw juices. For example, carrot juices or mixed carrot juice and spinach.

The newborn child needs breast milk. If the mother does not have milk, then goat’s milk, according to the chemical composition, is closest to the breast milk. But it must not be pasteurized and must not be heated at a temperature higher than 36 degrees Celsius. After the first two or three weeks, the child can be given fresh carrot juice. It starts with a quarter of carrot juice with three-quarters of goat’s milk and gradually increases the part of the carrot juice. It proved to be very useful.